As world market leader AIREX assumes responsibility. Fitness, holistic training methods and rehabilitation require first-class quality. All this is reflected in the sum of the product advantages: The great experience paired with Swiss premium quality feeds into the permanent further development of the product lines.



AIREX® Fitness and gym mats



   Coronella 185
   - The allrounder and bestseller among the AIREX® Fitness and gym mats




   Corona 185
   - The ideal underlay for all therapeutic applications and kinds of training in which
     therapists and trainers support their patient or athlete




   Fitline 140
   - The handy allrounder for every day




   Pilates 190
   - The thinnest mat in the product range - developed with experts





AIREX® Balance-pads - Fitness by destabilization



   Balance-pad Elite
   - Maximum training effect with minimum expenditure of energy




   Balance-pad Xlarge
   - Balance training in a new dimension




   Balance-pad Mini
   - Develope with Functional Training experts





AIREX® Balance-beam - The beam for physiotherapy



   - Especially developed for clinical balance and propioception exercises