- Language: German
- ISBN: 978-3-88542-734-6

Biomechanik und Physiotherapie für Pferde


The existing edition has been completed with some illustrations and an extensive subject index. In the chapter about "biomechanics" the equine course of movement is explained. The functional anatomy, in connection with many examples from the riding practice, communicates to the riders, but also trainers, how a movement restriction or  movement arises and how you can identify it.


Your advantage:
You can act earlier and faster.
In the practical part about physiotherapy, the touching grip, massage and tension exercises have been reworked, completed and explained. Numerous pictures have been completed. The practical work of massage and tension does not only achieve a physical well-being for the horse, but also trust. A book for all people who are wishing health and performance for their horse, to minimize or avoid the risk of injuries. If movement disorders in the form of blockades or injuries appear, you will get to know effective methods which support rehabilitation. Concluding, this book can help to find causes for training problems and contumady.