- Flavour: Lemon
    - Tin with 500 g powder

    SQUEEZY® Carbo Load Drink


    The SQUEEZY CARB LOAD DRINK is a carbohydrate powder for before and after sports. 500 g of powder mixed with water makes 6 x 0.5 litres of ready drink. The available flavour is lemon.



    The SQUEEZY CARB LOAD DRINK is to be used before and after sports. Until one hour before trainings or matches you should take between a half and one litre of the drink and immediately after sports or match.

    Measuring:  Dissolving 11-12 spoons of powder in 750 ml water or 7-8 spoons in 500 ml water. This accords to a carbohydrate-rate of 120 g per 0,75 l or 80 g per 0,5 l. The ready drink has to be saved in the fridge and to be consumed within 48 hours.



    • a low concentration of loosened particles (low osmolality).

    • contains maltodextrin and fructose and glucose

    • free of lactose, gluten and articifial sugars


    Per 100 ml

    • Energy: 273 kJ (64 kcal)
    • Protein: 0 g
    • Carbohydrates: 16 g
    • of this sugar 4,8 g
    • Fat: 0 g



    • Maltodextrin, glucose, fructose, flavour, natrium citrat, calium citrat, magnesium citrat, citric acid,
    • Free of lactose, gluten and artificial sugars