Health and fast healing for all people

Siegfried Breitenbach, founder and managing director

Since the establishment of the company
K-Active, this guideline has always been a challenge as well as an aim for me as an educated physiotherapist.

Help for maintaining the health of the human and “natural” support in the different performance, regeneration and healing phases of the body are essential subjects for us at

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From a children's room in Wiesthal ...


The success story of K-Active began in a small children’s room and at the beginning, it should only be a hobby besides the clinic for physical therapy Siegfried Breitenbach. I never believed that the present company group ‘K-Active’ could arise with its worldwide education system and distribution of high-quality products for sports and physiotherapy.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard-working K-Active team and the great worldwide business partners who advanced the expansion of K-Active on site. For that I am very grateful and I’m looking forward to further exciting projects.

Let us create the future together!

Siegfried Breitenbach, founder and managing director

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