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Practical Manual of the Fascial Distortion Model


The Practical Manual of the Fascial Distortion Model by Frank Römer - first publication in 2011 - appears in new and over-worked edition. Currently, the book is the best practical manual about the Fascial Distortion Model. Besides numerous illustrations of body language and treatment, the book additionally contains a CD with FDM techniques. This book has the aim to communicate the Fascial Distorsion Model in an easy and understandable way and to complete the already existing book by Stephen Typaldos. It may not replace the apprenticeship as FDM practitioner, but it is a reference work for practical and theoretical basics.


About the author:
Frank Römer is osteopath, physiotherapist, alternative practitioner and a FDM instructor, authorized by the IFDMO. He worked with professional athletes of the activities eligible group of the German armed forces for five years and after that, he opened his surgery in 2004 in Wolfenbüttel. He essentially works osteopathically with focus on FDM and children osteopathy. 2009 he founded the IFO to make the fascial therapies more famous in Germany. 2012 he founded the "International FDM Organization". It's aim is to control and observe the apprenticeship in FDM. He is author and publisher of the first "Practical Manual of the Fascial Distortion Model".