The K-Active company group

The K-Active company group is composed of K-Active Europe GmbH, K-Active Hungary Kft., K-Active Schweiz GmbH and K-Active Maroc s.a.r.l.
Furthermore, the worldwide education and distribution partners organize and execute professional K-Active courses and distribute the K-Active products.


K-Active Europe GmbH

Execution of the contract in 2010

The K-Active Europe GmbH evolved from the company Kinesio Deutschland GmbH. Under this own brand it is exclusive distribution partner of the manufacturer of medical products, Nitto Denko Corp. (Japan), in Europe and in the countries Russia, Belarus, Ukraine as well as in the Middle East, Africa and South America since 2007.

The internationally acting producer Nitto Denko Corp. with approximately 30,000 employees developed the first Kinesiology Tape in 1984 and guarantees highest quality with its long-term production experience and its ISO certification by the German TÜV.


Countries and cooperation partners

K-Active Kenya

Currently the K-Active products are sold in about 50 countries and there they gain highest recognition in circles of medical experts. Additionally, K-Active is cooperation partner of many Olympic and Universiade teams, national and professional teams and single athletes. In Germany itself, K-Active supports six national top sports federations and supplies the German Olympic team already since 2006 at all matches with its Kinesiology Tapes.

The K-Active Tapes also received the title of the German Olympic Sports Confederation – “Recommended by the German Olympic Sports Confederation”!


Future prospect

Headquarter in Hösbach near Aschaffenburg

Conditioned by the continuous expansion of K-Active, a new headquarter was built near Aschaffenburg. Herewith, new space and more potential are created for qualified and motivated employees and an optimized logistics is ensured.

Our aim is to guarantee highest quality and best service despite steadily increasing amount of customers and sales.


Education system

The basics of the contemporary education system originated in the company Kinesio Deutschland GmbH. After the establishment of the brand ‘K-Active’ the sector ‘further education’ has been outsourced to an own company, the K-Active Systems GmbH. This has been absorbed by K-Active Europe GmbH in August 2017.
To master the worldwide increasing course requests, new instructors have been introduced besides the already present Senior instructors, who have been trained by Japanese teachers. Selection criterions for the instructors have been an outstanding medical knowledge in different ranges, but also the individual qualification and the ability to work in a team, inter alia.
An intensive apprenticeship of the aspirant in taping, but also in other medical methods, followed. Thus, many of the instructors have been trained, for example, in ‘Anatomy Trains’ of Thomas Myers, in ‘Fascial Release’ or the ‘Fascia distorsion model according to Typaldos’.

Dr. Robert Schleip & K-Active

Besides very good contacts, like Dr. Robert Schleip and his team for fascia research at the University Ulm or the French hand surgeon and researcher Dr. Guimberteau, the cooperation with universities, professional schools or organizations like the ‘Fascia Research Society’ contributes to the further development of the method as well.
A professor from Poland, medical doctors, therapists, alternative practitioners, sports scientists and further people, who operate in the pharmacy, represent the group of almost 50 instructors, junior-instructors and aspirants. Due to the regular exchange and the semi-annual instructor meetings it is ensured that all instructors are at the same high scientific stage.



In future, K-Active wants to integrate the holistic method of K-Active Taping into further medical professional fields to offer even more athletes and patients the possibility to stay or become more happy and healthy. The contact to universities, research establishments or associations should be extended as well to make a contribution to the underpinning of scientific backgrounds of this method by studies and further expositions.

International instructors team


K-Active Hungary Kft.

Team of K-Active Hungary Kft.

Already in 1996, the NAWA Hungary Kft. has been founded by the managing directors Maria Eich (Hungary) and Siegfried Breitenbach (Germany). The aim was to offer medical trainings and to sell appropriate sports products in Hungary.

The courses that were specialized in sports physiotherapy experienced a fast establishment in Hungary. Satisfied education partners have been a respected sports hospital in Budapest or the Olympic Commission of Hungary, inter alia.

In 2003, the first courses in Kinesiology Taping have been offered; this represented pioneer work that time. Meanwhile, courses are offered regularly for medical staff, but also for trainer. The courses are executed by international, but also by Hungarian instructors.

In 2012, a change of name has been made to make allowance for the main business segment.


International students

Besides these general courses, K-Active Hungary Kft. offers courses especially for students for physiotherapy in cooperation with several universities. Briefly there will also be courses for international physiotherapy classes, too. For K-Active it is major honor to teach young people from many different countries of the world in this method. They carry the collected ideas into the world – for the benefit of patients.
Furthermore, K-Active supports bachelor thesis and studies in collaboration with these universities to underpin the method scientifically.

European Championship in handball

K-Active Hungary Kft. Is cooperation partner of many national and top teams and supports the Hungarian Olympic team constantly with material and medical knowledge.
K-Active is proud, that junior instructor Edit Bosnyák has been appointed into the Hungarian medical team for the Olympic Games 2012 in London and 2016 in Rio.


K-Active Schweiz GmbH

This company has been founded in 2013 by the managing directors Peter Ambühl (company Medidor AG, Switzerland) and Siegfried Breitenbach (company K-Active Europe GmbH, Germany). The aim is to offer the successful K-Active courses also in Switzerland to enable the Swiss medical staff to learn K-Active Taping.
Workshops and courses have been executed at the Paraplegie hospital in Nottvil and at the Swiss Podiatrists Federation, inter alia. Also courses for Equine Taping took place successfully.
In cooperation with Swiss universities, further studies in the field of Kinesiology Taping are made and bachelor thesis are supported.