- Hardcover with 288 pages
- Publisher: Ryzenberg-Czajkowski, Bettina
- Language: German  
- ISBN: 978-3000532634

Lass Dein Licht Strahlen

The question which changes everything… What makes you REALLY HAPPY? The great love? A good marriage? Happy children? Professional success? A healthy body? Caring friends? Financial independence?  Freedom for the world? Education, food and water for everyone?  Or simply time for everything, you always wanted to do, if you have time for it? You will be surely surprised, how difficult it is to answer this question immediately. That is how the author felt and meanwhile many other people, who were asked, what would make them happy.

On the content: A joyful and entertaining guideline to be REALLY HAPPY, which helps you to understand the effects of the invisible and metaphysical level much better and also to see and to use your real personal potential easier in future.