- Bottle: 500 ml
    - Can: 5 l

    NAQI® Massage-Lotion Ultra

    Developed by professionals for professionals!

    The massage lotions by NAQI were developed especially for therapeutic use. The NAQI massage lotion Ultra has a unique liquid crystal structure which imitates the structure of the skin.


    Ideal tissue stimulation also for economical application. A protective film reduces negative effects of the mechanic skin irritations during the massage. -> The natural skin barrier is protected.

    • Economically usage: use less lotion - safe money
    • Eudermic and not greasing emulsion: the creamy-watery texture cares for easy application. After treatment, the skin is dry - you can dress immediately.


    • Doesn't contain parabene or formaldehydes
    • Contains hypoallergenic fragrances
    • Skin care: allantoin & panthenol