- Size: 185 x 100 x 1.5 cm
- Colours: blue, green

AIREX® Corona 185 - The unchallenged No. 1 for physiotherapy


The AIREX® Corona has  been developed for the “Must have” mat for physiotherapists and personal trainers. It is characterized by its good damping characteristics, its big dimensions and especially by its high life time. It is the ideal pad for all therapy treatments and forms of therapy where the therapist or trainer is supporting.

At home it offers enough space for partner exercises on the mat. The Corona is also characterized by its great damping performances and especially by its high endurance. Often, the Corona 'survives' 20 years in physiotherapy clinics, even in daily use.
Like all other AIREX® products, the Corona conforms to all requirements of the medical guidline CE93/42/EWG.


Three tips for your AIREX® products

  • Use the products only barefoot or with socks (not with gym shoes!).
  • IIn the case of soiling, care your products with soap sud. A desinfection won't be necessary because of the integrated sanitized protection!
  • Weather the AIREX® products, if they get wet (they are also suitable for the use outdoors).