- Size: 140 x 60 x 1 cm
- Colours: kiwi, pink, waterblue

AIREX® Fitline 140 - The handsome Allrounder for every day


The AIREX® Gym mat Fitline is the classical starter model for your training at home. It is space-saving, but offers enough space for head and trunk. Also gyms with well booked group fitness courses are equipped with the Fitline.

With its 1 cm, the Fitline 140 is a little bit thinner than the comfortable Coronella or Corona, but it also offers good damping during the exercises, so that a gentle and efficient training is possible. The Fitline 140 is extremely light, very handy and finds its space in every sports bag.


Three tips for your AIREX® products

  • Use the products only barefoot or with socks (not with gym shoes!).
  • IIn the case of soiling, care your products with soap sud. A desinfection won't be necessary because of the integrated sanitized protection!
  • Weather the AIREX® products, if they get wet (they are also suitable for the use outdoors).