- Book with 152 pages


- German: 978-3-9815388-3-0

Die Schambeinentzündung

Eine Bestandsaufnahme aus unterschiedlichen Blickrichtungen

by Marco Congia and K-Active Europe GmbH


The inflammation of the pubic (bone) joint, also known as Osteitis pubis, often becomes noticeable via an acute or chronical pain in the area of the pubic bones as well as pubic symphysis. Often it concerns active sportsmen and within this group mainly the athletes from dynamic sports. Instead of sportive all-time high there is just agony during every walk. Like an epidemc, the Osteitis pubis befell the sports heros. Men are concerned five times as often as women. And meanwhile, every professional soccer team knows even one affected player with appropriate outfall times. Famous examples are i. a. Mario Götze or Marco Reus, who had to cancel the European Championship because of this injury.

Marco Congia assembled professionals to create an inventory of various viewing directions about this disease. Currently, there is no gold standard, but this book has the aim to offer the interested reader new ideas out of different medical fields and therapies as well as subsequent training. Due to this, you can find new approaches for therapy and training.

Dies book is suitable for medical staff and trainers, but also for the person concerned and it is a good guide for this specific disease.


Co authors:

  • Angelika Strunk (Chapter „Embryologie“)
  • Dr. med. Thomas Eberlein (Chapter „Entzündung und Wundheilung“)
  • Raimond Igel (Chapter „Schambeinentzündung aus der Sicht des FDM“)
  • Andreas Ahlhorn (Chapter „Medical Flossing“)
  • Siegfried Breitenbach (Chapter “K-Active Taping”)
  • Christian Tambach (Chapter „Athletik und Selfmanagement“)
  • Dr. Werner Krutsch (Chapter „Amateurfußballspieler“
  • Sabrina Schreyer (Case example)
  • Thomas Stubner (Case example)
  • Daniel Knebel (Case example)