Posturomed® 202


The Posturomed® 202 is the neuro-orthopaedic device for finding, prevention and therapy with a dosed absorbed unstable surface. This therapy surface is attached to special swinging elements which offer dosed absorbed evasive movements in a special frequency range and with different adjustable oscillation amplitudes. With the dosed increase of the proprioceptive, vestibular and optic afferences on the Posturomed® an optimum quality of the postural actions and reactions can be prepared. This individual dosed activation of the segmental, sectoral and poly segmental coordination serves as an optimal stabilization of the supporting joints and the spine. A stable postural system is the basis for a painless and efficient moving system especially during long lasting monotonous activity. The crosshair with circle centring on the therapy surface with 60 x 60 cm offers the user a visual orientation during the training. This marking enables the safe execution of standardized test procedures such as the “posture cybernetics test” (PCT). The included intervention drag allows on the one hand the manual calming of the therapy surface trough the therapist and on the other hand the precise deflection of the therapy surface for a reactive training. The Posturomed® 202 can be complemented with many additional modules so that its big indication spectrum is significantly expanded. Licensed as medical product of class 1.