- Due to the lightweight materials the belt has a low weight of 110 g.

SQUEEZY® Running belt with bag

The SQUEEZY® Running belt has a functional neoprene-bag, which is ideal to carry your mobile phone or sports nutrition in little quantities and to protect during sports.

The belt is appointed with a big and a little bag, which can be opened or closed with a zipper. The big bag offers place for 2 drinking gels, energy bars, energy fruit gums or up to 8 of the 33g- gel bags. In the little one keys, mobile phones or other things can be carried. The bags are made of 100 % neoprene and so water resistant. The elastic belt is comfortable to wear, does not press and guarantees a very good support, because of its high width (35 mm) and it’s gentle, elastic material.



“One size-fits all”

Thanks to the elastic rubber band and the infinitely adjustable velcro fastener the belt is adjustable individual and facilitates installing and taking off. Ideal as running bag in sports.