Dimensions: 185 x 51 x 28 mm (L x B x H)
Weight: 150g
Port: USB
Charging voltage: 5V +/- 0,5V max.
Charge time: about 180 Min
Typ. operating time: 6h (depending on the mode)


Our objective: Fast regeneration


Target group:

Medical private users



The sanakey activates with bioadaptive impulses the endogenous regulation. With the pulse rejection influence is taken on the vegetative nervous system and on the endogenous adjustment processes. The immune system is strengthened and a way for self-help is indicated for the body.


The technical principle:

The sanakey posts an easy noticable impulse to the skin surface. Your body resistance is absorbed by the device in the twinkling of an eye.Thereupon the sanakey adapts itself to the body. So a cycle occurs that repeats for many thousand times every second and that adjust the impulses to your body.

A second technique enables that an ions flow occurs with the so called “key phorese”. With this galvanic pulse shape you can massage therapeutic crèmes and ointments but also cosmetic products into the skin.

With the optional replaceable heads the device fits optimal to your needs.


Application area:

  • The therapy with sanakey is especially used to treat pain and malfunctions
  • Sport injuries
  • Back and joint paints
  • Muscle functional disorder
  • Tensions
  • Medical conditions with the nervous system (Neuralgia)
  • Medical conditions with the digestive tract
  • Medical conditions with the urogenital tract


The handy device:

High quality material such as gold contacts and surgical steel as well as ASA attests to its origins in medical technology. Outstanding design offers optimum handling that is completed with the latest technology such as Full-Color LCD-Monitors and touchscreens as well as a high quality lithium-ion battery.



Some experts are convinced of the treatment methods with sanakey and the corresponding therapy but these are only a minority opinion. There is no unequivocal scientific proof of its effectiveness.