- Language: German
- ISBN: 978-3-86883-800-8

Sitzen ist das neue Rauchen


Latest scientific examinations show that to much sitting can cause the genesis of numerous diseases - from obeseness and diabetes to cancer and depression. People who work in sitting position also often fall ill at muscle and musculoskeletal system. Thus, sitting at the work station has the same professional risk as lifting heavy loads. The facts are obvious: the chair is our enemy and kills the body bit by bit.
In his pioneering new book the famous physiotherapist and author of the worldwide bestseller "Werde ein geschmeidiger Leopard" Dr. Kelly Starrett presents a detailed plan of action for surviving in our settled society. He offers creative solutions to shorten the time that we spend seated and he shows stategies to transform the desk into a dynamic work station.


The reader will learn how to

  • determine and correct damaging body postures,
  • eliminate back, neck and shoulder pains,
  • avoid and relief carpal tunnel syndrome,
  • arrange and stabilize spine and trunk,
  • walk naturally, hunker down, carry loads and bend the trunk,
  • complete daily basic body work with 14 mobility plans to eliminate pain and improve mobility.