SQUEEZY® Sports nutrition

With the development of the world's first Energy Gel in 1987, the history of SQUEEZY began. Today, the SQUEEZY brand as a producer of sporadic nutrition stands for an ambitious guiding idea. The sustainable development of simply effective, easy-to-tolerate, simply diversified sporadic nutrition for runners, cyclists, triathletes and team sports - Made in Germany.


   SQUEEZY® Energy Gel

   - reliable supply of carbohydrates and minerals


   SQUEEZY® Energy Super Gel

   - contains only ingredients necessary for the exercise phase


   SQUEEZY® Tomato Gel

   - the salty alternative to the SQUEEZY® Energy Super Gel



   SQUEEZY® Energy Drink

   - The SQUEEZY® Energy Drink tastes refreshing and provides carbohydrates
      and minerals before, during and after the training or competition


   SQUEEZY® Energy Super Drink

   - Similar to the SQUEEZY® Energy Drink, contains caffeine additionally



   SQUEEZY® Protein Energy Drink

   - The SQUEEZY® Protein Energy Drink provides carbohydrates, vitamins and
     minerals and proteins for regeneration after intensive stress in sports such
     as marathon, road bike or triathlon


   SQUEEZY® Carbo Load Drink

   - The SQUEEZY® Carbo Load Drink is a high-carbohydrate-rich powder
      for phases before and after the sport



   - In the case of long strains the chewing of a granular bar is more
      popular variety to energy gels and sports drinks


   SQUEEZY® Drinking Bottle

   - The high - quality design of the bottles convinces just like theirs
      functionality and price. The bottles are ideal for biking by simple filling, waterproof
      closure and dishwasher suitability.


   SQUEEZY® Running belt

   - The SQUEEZY® running belt has a practical bag made of neoprene,
     which is ideal for mobile phone. It's even for the transportation and
     protection of sports nutrition useable.


   SQUEEZY® Number belt

   - Thanks to the SQUEEZY® number belt, you can fix your running number
      easy and have the SQUEEZY® Energy Gels always on the belt during the
     practical exercise


   SQUEEZY® Athletic

   - SQUEEZY® Athletic is a meal replacement for weight loss or weight


   SQUEEZY® Energy Forti Drink

   - The SQUEEZY® Energy Forti Drink provides carbohydrates and contains



   SQUEEZY® bottle holder

   - Thanks to the SQUEEZY® bottle holder, a SQUEEZY® 125 ml gel bottle can
     be used, filled with the SQUEEZY® Energy Gel or SQUEEZY® Energy Super
     Gel. It can attached directly to the frame


   SQUEEZY® Shaker

   - The practical cup with a volume of 700 ml is useable for preparation of athletic
     shakes or our SQUEEZY® Protein Energy Drink


   SQUEEZY® Athletic Bar

   - The SQUEEZY® Athletic Bar is based on the same basic substance, like the
     other SQUEEZY® Athletic products