- Soft-cover, bound, 120 pages
- ISBN: 978-393-637-6-388
- Language: German

Stressfrei leben


Stress is a widespread phenomenon - and in a restricted proportion even healthy. But to much stress can cause illness, so that the concerend people are reliant on external help to find an escape out of the vicious circle. "Stressfrei leben" is not a book that indicates what you are doing wrong with upraised trigger finger. But it wants to give you ideas and help you to take a look behind the scenes of your body. Feel out, what happens in your body in a stressful situation, and discover your bespoken solution for a healthy stress management.


About the author
Sascha Katschemba, age group 1974, worked in the sales and marketing departement of a provider of precision measuring instruments in sports. Since his academic studies of sports science and subsequent additional qualifications as psycholigical counsellor and mental couch he kept himself busy with the subject stress, stress recovery as well as regulation of recovery and sterss in sports and job. The own daily challange to phase tasks
in job and targets in sports with the personal needs motivated him to circulate his experiences and his knowledge in this book.