- Language: German
- Author: Sascha Seifert
- ISBN: 9783830478744

Kinesiology Taping in osteopathy and manual therapy


The use of the taping is carried out corresponding to functional-systemical point of views. This conforms to the osteopathic approach. Due to the description of osteopathic relations, holistic connections get understandable.


Effective therapy

  • Combined application of Kinesiology Taping and osteopathy for a enduring effect of the osteopathic treatment
  • Exercise book with directly realizable instructions and many pictures for common disease patterns
  • Screening tests and application techniques for common functional disorders
  • Practical part, classified according to application techniques: Muscle application, ligament application, fascia application, mechanical correction applications, nerve applications, functional correction applications, visceral applications, indication applications
  • The effect of the tape and the osteopathic interpretation are clearly faced on double pages.