Therapists network


Experience and communication

In addition to the K-Active Association, the K-Active Therapist Network allows that motivated and trained in K-Active Taping medical staff occurs regularly in contact to discuss with each other and to obtain an optimal and rapid assistance for questions. There is also the possibility of creating local K-Active groups to discuss medical problems or experiences in frequent meetings.

Sports and other events

Bild: Marathon Frankfurt 2010

The sense of this network is, among others, that K-Active can locally be available at special sports events. The doctors and therapists of the corresponding region have the opportunity to participate actively in these events. Furthermore, ther is also an exchange of experiences with the K-Active instructors on site. At the same time new patients or atheltes can be generated for your own clinic by the successful work.

Listing in the K-Active Therapist Search

Doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, naturopaths, logo therapists, occupational therapists and trainers can be listed in the Therapist Network after the successful participation in the Basic Course.

The advantages at a glance:

Listing in the therapists search for patients so that they learn about your enhanced service offerings and in this way you can generate new patients or athletes for your own clinic.
Detailed description with logo, clinic photos, performance description and the corresponding contacts in order to present yourself extensively for the searching patients.
Link to your website and thus more “traffic”
Use of the brand name “K-Active” and the corresponding logo in brochures, flyers and on the own website
Participation in the K-Active events shown above to promote the clinic and to attract new customers
Opportunity for advancement to the K-Active Partner or K-Active Premium Partner
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