URGO® Medical - all-round aplication


   Urgoflex fixation bandages

   - anti slip fixation on joints and conical body parts
   - for the fixation of wound dressings, cannulas, rails etc.
   - As a covering bandage and skin protection as well as for lightweight support bandages


   Urgolast Forte

    - strengthening and persevering in elasticity against an ideal bandage
    - air permeable and comfortable fabric


   Urgolast Color

    - permanently elastic bandage with short pull
    - absorbent, washable and fadeless



   - to cover postoperative, sewn as well as traumatic wounds



   - To cover minor injuries in sensitive skin



   - To cover minor injuries in sensitive skin



   - for easy fixation of wound dressings, rail material and cooling elements


   Urgo cool

   - cooling spray for sports injuries without open wounds
   - allows rapid cooling of the upper skin layers