- Book with 202 pages
- ISBN: 978-3-00-051175-4
- Language: German

Wer nicht kämpft, hat schon verloren


The one how doesn't fight is already lost. If Alexander Leipold doesn't like something, than it is loosing. And because you can't win every time, he setted the aim to himself to be as strong that the word loosing disappears in his vocabulary. In his touching story of life he explains, how he raised from a wrestling beginner to the winner of the Olympic Games. When he looses his gold medal because of suspicion of doping, he fights till his rehabilitation - this fight lasts 10 years, but he wins. When he wanted to be Olympic winner again, he suffers three strokes.
But Alexander doesn't give up - he also defeats these life threat and he wins wrestling fights again. He becomes German national team coach, "Let's dance" dancer, winner as "Das perfekte Dinner" cook, champion of the year - but primarily he becomes ambassador for all people: Never give up, there are always new, reachable goals. Because: The one how doesn't fight is already lost. Alexander Leipold is one of the most successfull wrestler worldwide: 34 German Championships, multiple World and European Champion, 17 international medals - more successful isn't possible.
Together with the sports journalist Hans-Peter Breunig, the charismatic ambassador of the German Schlaganfallhilfe wrote a catching book that can offer not only wrestling fans an interesting insight into a sports life with successes and failures.


About the author:
Alexander counts to the most successful wrestlers worldwide with his multiple World, European and German championship titles and the victory at the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney.