Activated minerals to support performance and self-healing in the body.


- 150 ml as clinic tube
- 20 ml as travel tube

K-Active Relax Creme

For external use in the regeneration phase. Promotes relaxation and recovery of muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments.

The K-Active Relax Crème enables the essential minerals substitution in phases of power, regeneration and healing of the body!



  • promotes the "passive" regeneration phase after physical performance
  • works against muscle soreness and cramps
  • supports the structural healing after injuries and operations




  • Can also be used in the oral, eyes and mucosal area
  • Can be used prophylactically after sports or depending on the daily cycle in the evening (parasymphathetic nerve) for relaxation and regeneration


Therapeutical evidence:

Users experiences show, that the K-Active Relax Creme is suitable for the muscle relaxation at the beginning of a migraine. Test it out and give us your feedback! 


Tip: Also available in handy mini tubes with 20 ml!

Besides the big tubes, there are also handy tubes (20 ml) - for acute care, supporting wound healing and regeneration. Thus you have always the fitting tool for all circumstances - especially on the way, on journeys or during sports. Don’t miss it in your sports or toilet bag!