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The question which changes everything… What makes you REALLY HAPPY? The great love? A good marriage? Happy children? Professional success? A healthy body? Caring friends? Financial independence?  Freedom for the world? Education, food and water for everyone?  Or simply time for everything, you always wanted to do, if you have time for it? You will be surely surprised, how difficult it is to answer this question immediately. That is how the author felt and meanwhile many other people, who were asked, what would make them happy.

Anatomy Trains "Fascial Tensegrity"


Wer nicht kämpft, hat schon verloren


Biomechanik und Physiotherapie für Pferde


The existing edition has been completed with some illustrations and an extensive subject index. In the chapter about "biomechanics" the equine course of movement is explained. The functional anatomy, in connection with many examples from the riding practice, communicates to the riders, but also trainers, how a movement restriction or  movement arises and how you can identify it.


Practical Manual of the Fascial Distortion Model


Fascial Release for Structural Balance


Dynamic Body


The powerful lower body system is the focus of this preeminent myoskeletal textbook. With thorough integration of the latest research, Dalton delves into the biomechanical structure and function of the lower back, hips, legs and feet. Colorful, detailed illustrations and explanations shed light on complex fascial anatomy and its impact on functional movement. Manual therapy exercises and techniques expand on this understanding of the interrelationship between anatomy, the brain, and movement in the lower body.

TopGolf - Impulsgebung mit K-Active Tape


TopGolf - Professional tips to improve your golf game - substantiated sports physiotherapeutically and biomechanically - Improve your agility and the impetus for the golf swing! K-Active Tape PreCut supports your muscles by a special application technique according to the criteria of golf-specific functional anatomy in the light of "preventive biomechanically optimized golf swing".


Das Muskeltestbuch


The most important diagnostic tool for all manual therapy methods is the study of muscle function. All muscle descriptions are constructed according to a standard structure which facilitates the lookup of individual aspects. The important figures are each focused on two pages.



"Introduction to the Canine Kinesiology Taping Method"


The quide "Introduction to the Canine Kinesiology Taping Method" is primarily aimed at animal therapists and interested dog owners who have a basic knowledge of dog anatomy and pathology. The history and theoretical knowledge will be taught and the implementation of the techniques specifically to the dog will be practiced. The reader gets a practical instruction by many photos and case studies.