• Flavours : natural, banana, chocolate
  • Tin with 675 g of powder

SQUEEZY® Athletic

Lose weight with meal replacement

SQUEEZY® ATHLETIC is a meal replacement to lose or to optimize weight. The powder is a “daily ration for a weight control diet“ with essential vitamins, fibres, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals.



  • offers a full daily ration for a weight control diet
  • within a low-calorie nutrition it can help to ease the weight loss or weight control by meal replacement
  • contains valuable proteins, fibres and carbohydrates with a very low glycemic index (<20)
  • contains also vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • free of artificial dyes



  • SQUEEZY® ATHLETIC is prepared fast and easy with a low fat liquid. For an optimal athletic-shake without powder residuals a shaker with dosing scale and sieve is suitable
  • Preparing of a portion: 45 g powder for 200 ml water. 5 portions are according to a daily ration.



Follow these three steps!


Phase 1 – Initial phase
In the initial phase you feed yourself only with SQUEEZY® ATHLETIC for three days.  On the lowest signs of hunger or appetite take immediately SQUEEZY® ATHLETIC – over the day 18 – 20 tablespoons. You get a shake, when you mix 3 – 4 tablespoons SQUEEZY® ATHLETIC with buttermilk, diet-whey or yogurt (or any other sugar free mixed substance) or when you prepare it with water.
The fourth day is your first “wishing day”. Now you can reward yourself and eat what you want. You can orientate for example on the LOGI food pyramid. This is followed by three further days of eating only SQUEEZY® ATHLETIC. After that there is another “wishing day”. You comply with this rhythm, until you reach 50 % of your diet goal.


Phase 2 – Stabilization phase
In the stabilization phase you can eat one mixed meal daily. So the “wishing day” is cancelled. It is important not to take carbo hydrates in the evening, instead of this preferring a protein meal.  Take SQUEEZY® ATHLETIC as usual. You can pass into the next phase, if you have reached more than 20 % to 30 % of your diet goal.


Phase 3 – Target phase
In this phase the nutrition is the main. In the target phase you can take two meals every day. So you can combine pasta, potatoes or rice easily with low fat fish, chicken or turkey meat. You should avoid fatty sauces, take tomato sauce instead. It also applies here to prefer proteins to carbohydrates in the evening. Take SQUEEZY® ATHLETIC as usual.