Lymphatic fan:
- Width: 7,5 cm
- Colors: blue, pink
- Quantity: 20 pcs. each box


- Width: 5 cm
- Colors: blue, pink
- Quantity: 20 pcs. each box


- Width: 5 cm
- Colors: blue, pink
- Quantity: 20 pcs. each box

K-Active Tape PreCut: X shape, Y shape or lymphatic fan

Tear open - stick it - activate it
The best of all tapes, the K-Active Tape Classic, with new appearance

"The PreCuts are ideal for the intensive
process of competition. Even between
2 rounds of the match it is possible
to tape a precut without quitting the
match. Lymphatic tapes area "must
have" after every injury!"

Ferdinand Jeske
Masterclass Karate 2nd rank (2017),
3rd rank (2015 & 2016)

With these pre-cut applications, you safe time for the important things - your attention for your patients
rehabilitation. The time-killing cutting, especially for lymphatic fans, is no longer necessary. The exact cut
at the edges avoids premature fraying and thus increses the wearing comfort and duration for the patient - for
the optimal customer satisfaction. Each 20 PreCuts are well protected in the box and essential in therapy, but
also as a companion in every sports bag for emergencies or for the First Aid in domestic use.


Therapeutic advantages

  • Proven Material of K-Active Tape Classic
  • Time-saving due to precut applications
  • Longer wearing duration due to exact cut with already rounded edges
  • Protected in reclosable box
  • Extra wide lymphatic fan - split it in the middle for two applications
  • For the first aid during sports and at home