2.0" x 16.4'
Colors: Beige, Orange, Yellow
Packages: 1 box set, 6 box set

K-Active Tape Elite

"The Gentle Performance Tape" with STRATAGEL® PLUS adhesive technology


Your requests - our answer = "Power Gentle"
Who says that strong and gentle are mutually exclusive? At K-Active this combination results in the smartest tape ever: the K-Active Tape Elite. Due to the optimized STRATAGEL® adhesive technology, the adhesion could be reinforced and thus also the average application duration could be improved in addition to the proven skin compatibilty.

"Partly I have to change the tape
daily. In these situations, I like to
use the K-Active Tape Elite as it
keeps the skin irritations as low
as possible!"

Maik Liesbrock
Physiotherapist Eintracht Frankfurt


Universally applicable
Especially athletes and patients with sensitive skin will be surprised by the K-Active Tape Elite: this exceptional talent among tapes is sensitive to the skin however outstanding in its influence on the body structure and therefore on the therapeutic results.



STRATAGEL® PLUS adhesive technology
Specially developed; gives the K-Active Tape Elite:

  • best adhesion and long-term application as well as gentle application at once
  • reliability, even at extreme challenges such as swimming in salt water or heavy sweating
  • gentle tape removal without additional skin irritations